How to prevent a drunk driver from driving

No matter how hard people try to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, there are always some people who will forget all about it and do it. The problem is that when they act like that, they endanger their lives and the lives of all others in the car.

If the others in the vehicle are not responsible enough either to at least try to talk the drunk driver out of it, the time is to find a more effective solution that would permanently prevent the drunk driver from getting behind the wheel.

To make sure that the number of drunk drivers rapidly decreases, we need to take more serious and even drastic measures. It’s more than obvious that arresting and license suspending is not effective enough so we need to do even more.

Therefore, a more effective solution might be at hand. All across the country, various associations that are fighting drunk driving started showing their support for the ignition interlock devices and their usage.

It works really simple. All convicted drunk drivers will have to prove their sobriety before they can start the car. As simple as that. It’s a small device and it goes into the vehicle’s ignition system. It is very similar to the devices that the police use to check on the drivers and a convicted driver must blow into it to prove they are sober or they will be unable to start the car. The device measures the alcohol amount in their blood and it will not allow the car to start if a driver is drunk.

Every single person matters in this

So, it is an economical and simple way to prevent drunk drivers from doing the same stupidity again and put the lives of the people they’re driving, including their own, at risk.

This device could prevent numerous car accidents from happening and lower the number of dead people in car crashes. It could make a significant difference and wake people up and make them realize how dangerous it is to drink and drive and how precious their lives really are. There are numerous countries which are already using these devices and they saw a significant drop in car crash deaths since they started using ignition intelocks.

It may not be a permanent solution to a problem but it certainly is the best one we have right now. It is unfortunate that people don’t appreciate their own life, however, it doesn’t mean that there are no people in this world who do and it is our duty to those who don’t to prevent them from doing so and change their minds.